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offer for schoolsWhat does our school offer include?

Here you will find the most popular reagents and substances necessary in any school laboratory, such as:

– alcohols, including ethyl and propyl alcohol
– acids – hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric and others
– elements such as ground sulfur, iron filings
– hydroxides – sodium, potassium, calcium and others
– indicators, including indicator papers
– many other, diverse products

All our products are of the highest quality. Sold in a sealed package of different volume and weight, adapted to your needs.

We offer fast shipping or personal collection. Our reagents guarantee the success of experiments.

We also have a large assortment of laboratory glass. Starting from glass stirring baguettes, through pipettes, beakers and test tubes, to graduated flasks.

We encourage you to contact us via the application form available on the page of each product or by e-mail on

Our Sales Department will answer with a price list along with the detailed information about your order such as shipping details and delivery time.

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