Chemical reagents and raw materials

odczynniki i surowce chemiczne

We offer you a wide product range of chemical reagents and also solutions.

They are suitable for laboratory use, industrial production and all other demands of companies and private individuals.

Wikipedia’s reagent definition: a substance added to a system to cause chemical reaction, to test if a reaction occurs.

Our team has got vast knowledge and years of experience in terms of using general materials and reagents. We are always eager to help you and give advice.

If you are asking yourself „where can I buy chemical reagents?” then the answer is right here: Chmes Poznań. The prices that we offer are competetive with other distributors. We tackle each order individually. Besides that, our company provides discounts and special offers for returning clients and for companies with long-term cooperation.

Therefore we encourage you to ask us questions about our supply of general reagents that are being commonly used (those domestic and foreign ones). Because we deliver it all.

Are you are looking for rare materials, the ones that are difficult to obtain, resources that are limited? Or products that other companies do not offer? Then we have got you covered! Our sales team – experienced and knowledgeable chemists – will certainly look for them for you. Even more, they will also give you advice about the most suitable products for your specific requirements.

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(+)-kamfora nat.See more
1-aminoantrachinonSee more
1-bromonaftalenSee more
1-bromopropanSee more
1-fenylo-3-metylo-pirazolin-5-onSee more
1-metyloindolSee more
1-naftolSee more
1-nitropropanSee more
1,1-dwuchloroetanSee more
1,1,2-trójchloroetanSee more
1,10-fenantrolina (o-fenantrolina)See more
1,10-fenantroliny HClSee more
1,2-dwubromoetanSee more
1,2-dwuchloroetanSee more
1,2-dwuchloroetan (etylenu chlorek)See more
1,2-propylenowy glikolSee more
1,2-propylenowy glikol (1,2-propanodiol)See more
1,2,5,8-czterohydroksyantrachinon (quanalizaryna)See more
1,2,7-trójoksyantrachinonSee more
1,3-cykloheksanodiolSee more
1,3-dwubromopropanSee more
1,3-dwunitrobenzenSee more
1,3-indandion (1,3-dwuoksoindan)See more
1,4-dwufenylo-3-tiosemikarbazydSee more
1,5-dwufenylokarbazydSee more
1,6-sześciometylenowy glikol (1,6-heksanodiol)See more
1,8-dwuaminonaftalen (1,8-naftylenodwuamina)See more
2-amino-2-metylo-1,3-propandiolSee more
2-aminoantrachinonSee more
2-aminobenzotiazolSee more
2-aminoftalowego hydrazydu HClSee more
2-bromonaftalenSee more
2-butyloaminaSee more
2-chlorofenolSee more
2-fenylo-fenol (o-hydroksydwufenyl; bifenyl-2-ol)See more
2-naftochinolinaSee more
2-naftolSee more
2-naftyloaminaSee more
2-nitropropanSee more
2-nitrotoluenSee more
2,2′-dwupirydylSee more
2,3-dwuoksynaftalenSee more
2,3,5-trójfenylotetrazoliowy chlorek (TTC)See more
2,4-dwunitrofenylohydrazynaSee more
2,4-dwuoksyacetofenonSee more
2,4-ksylenol (2,4-dwumetylofenol)See more
2,4-lutydyna (2,4-dwumetylopirydyna)See more
2,4,6-kolidynaSee more
2,4,6-kolidyna (2,4,6-trójmetylopirydyna)See more
2,5-dwumerkapto-1,3,4-tiodiazol (bizmutiol I)See more
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