Moisture absorbers

pochłaniacze wilgociMoisture absorbers:

we divide them depending on the type of filling and the type of packaging, examples are below:

Silica gel – it is a drying agent; chemically-derived raw material, consisting of amorphous silicon, which is used to remove moisture from closed containers.

Bentonite clay – is a natural calcium bentonite. Due to its absorption properties it is used for the production of moisture absorbers. It meets the technical standards DIN55473, MIL3464E, NFH00320.



Tyvek – dust emission 0 mg / u.) With AWR 6 (laminate) imprint. Dustproof material used for direct contact with pharmaceutical and food products. An ideal solution for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Non woven type A – made of PE fibers. Dust emission level: 10mg / u.d. The packaging of non-woven fabric absorbers (DIN 55473 type A and B) is the best solution when high resistance against mechanical damage is required. Increased strength combined with fast absorption is the perfect solution for protecting products against moisture during transport and storage.

APPLICATIONS of moisture absorbers from silica gel:electronics

– leather goods
– precision products
– optical products
– metal products
– groceries
– dried products

ADVANTAGES of moisture absorbers from silica gel:

– cheap and effective
– quick, visible effect
– designed to protect very sensitive products
– dustproof bags

Moisture absorbers are also known as dehumidifiers or drying agents.


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